What Makes Us Different?

I care and I make bags for people who care.

That’s why I make sure our bags are the best possible product in terms of quality, ethics, and customer service.


While many other companies make bags on the side, I am a bag specialist. So, I make sure I get the details right. From design to delivery, from care for the planet to caring for people, my bags are the best you can get.

Our fabric is specially formulated for us. We require it to have just the right stiffness. We are picky about the texture, strength, and color. Used daily, it will retain its shape and ability to stand up longer than other bags. The ink we use is higher quality than most other bag companies and we formulate it so that it stays on better even after washing. These are things that might be hard to see, but as bag specialists, we know they affect the quality of the bag, and we aim to have the best quality possible for the lowest possible price.


1 Bag at a Time® is the company I wanted to see in the world. My values reflect a commitment to social, environmental, and financial responsibility. I remain true to these core values today.

I monitor all my factories in order to ensure that my products are made with no child labor, no forced labor, and that all workers are paid at least minimum wage. I back that guarantee with verification from Verite, whose ongoing factory monitoring ensures that labor and safety laws are respected.

At the end of the day, quality depends on people, which is why I value human resources. It’s not just about doing good, it’s about good business.

Customer Service

Thousands of businesses and Fortune 500 companies trust me to supply their bags. My customers count on me to help with artwork, special printing services, or specialized delivery needs. At 1 Bag at a Time®, it’s my policy to be knowledgeable, friendly, available, and happy to help.

1 Bag at a Time® creates a full consumer experience for reusable bags. Our tag and website connect end-users emotionally to a cleaner lifestyle. Our customers write us often thanking us for our information, our commitment, and to let us know they have become committed reusable bag users. In this way, my company encourages sell through and customer loyalty by fostering a sense of community and purpose. Our customers feel they are not just buying a product, they are solving a problem.  They too are saving the world, 1 Bag at a Time®.

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