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See how we inspired the kids at at Hewlett Woodmere elementary school to sing One Beautiful Bag at a Time!

Before we bought any of these types of bags, I want you to know I did my research.  One Bag at a Time, had the BEST quality of bags I have seen.  The material used is heavier, the straps are sewn all the way down the bags which gives it more structure, and they have the base already inserted in the bags.

This is why when we order the bags, we order a huge volume of them at once, because they are a GREAT bag.

-Karen, IN

We love the new shoulder bag. Perfect for our back to school collection (See picture!) Keep ‘em coming, you have great products.

These SWEET bags…are perfect for toting practically ANYTHING!! I love them so much, and use them all the time!!

– Heather, Canada

These bags are comfortable to use and look nice too. They are very sturdy and I have no fear of it ripping like some bags I’ve purchased in the past at either grocery stores or department stores for .99 cents.

– Jacqui, see the whole review at The Single Mama Review Corner

Thanks so much for the bags sent to the Brandywine Zoo for our recent “Going Green” program. The Kids loved them and are anxious to apply this simple step to reduce their footprint.

Nicole G, Wilmington, DE

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say the bags arrived today and I love them! The quality is even better than I imagined and the design work you did looks fantastic. Thank you for your time to help produce such a wonderful final product, you should be very proud of what you do.

Rebecca P, Cape Carteret, NC

It is a whole lot easier to carry 3 or 4 of these bags than 15 plastic bags while keeping track of a toddler, my purse, my keys, a diaper bag and whatever else I am carrying around!

Abby M, See the rest of her review on her blog Me and My Boys!

When you’re a small business owner, sometimes it’s the little things that get you excited. Amy and I were strolling through the grocery store with our reusable grocery bags, and I realized that it was probably a good idea (and much more environmentally friendly) to look into getting some reusable bags myself. So, I researched and found this great California company called 1 Bag at a Time. They were awesome in working with me to get these bags made and are very affordable. Like less than the cost of a large gift bag. If you have a business or just want a bunch of bags for something, check them out!

Tim H, Downingtown, PASee the full review at Hoffer Photography


I’ve been using these bags for the past year and a half (same ones) and they hold up beautifully each time I stuff them full of groceries! I love them……..

Jesse R, Otis, MA

Just wanted you to know that I love it and use it every time I go shopping. It really works well and is a pleasure to pack and carry, balancing bottles and heavy cartons perfectly and comfortably. I wish we had a good natural foods store near here that I could pass it on to but alas we don’t. Thanks for your innovative idea and I hope it flourishes as it helps our environment to.

Debbie T.

They look terrific and are just in time for our Holiday Sale. Thanks again and it was a pleasure doing business with your company!

Rachelle Y

First of all, I want to compliment you guys in the fine work you do. Your data is very objective and easy for children to understand. And I am talking about children (even if they are not your target viewers!), because I am a teacher from Brazil, and I teach topics about the environment in English.

One of the projects we have, with 10 year old kids, is about the uses of Natural Resources and our carbon footprint. I was researching about this topic when I came across your website, and I easily became delighted with your fine work.

Congratulations on the good work!

Maria P, Brazil