Specialty Bags and Custom Bags

We offer specialty bags and custom bags for every need, because one bag just doesn’t fit every occasion.

An example of our specialty bags and custom bagsWe have styles already designed for a number of specialty uses.  We can also custom make exactly the bag you need, whether it’s a bag to fit your product perfectly or a bag for a special occasion.

We are bag specialists. From the start, we have focused on great design, great materials, and great service for our customers.  When you come to us for bag design, we know the right way to get a bag that works just right for the use you specify.

We will work with you to develop a product, from design, to prototype, to production.

Our bag designs are stylish and practical for a variety of uses.

•  Wine Bags

•  Lunch Bags (insulated or open)

•   Messenger Bags

•  Conference and Trade Show Bags

• Design your own bag or let us help you design a specialty bag for exactly your needs

Please request information to start developing your own custom bag now.

Please note: the minimum quantity varies for custom designed bags  depending on the style and material requirements.  Most custom styles start at quantities of 3000 pieces.

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